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Guanzghou Trade Fair
Monastery Grounds in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China and Vietnam

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2012 - Monday, October 29, 2012


Trade Mission to Hong Kong, China & Vietnam

A delegation of London business leaders - members of London Southside Chamber of Commerce and UKPCCII - visited Hong Kong, China and Vietnam in October 2012. The 13 participants enjoyed formal receptions at the British Consulates General in Hong Kong and Guangzhou and the British Embassy in Hanoi and met local Chamber of Commerce representatives. A number of high level business appointments were arranged with Chinese and Vietnamese businessmen and the delegation attended China's largest and most prestigious trade fair - Guangzhou. The Guangzhou trade fare links Chinese suppliers with European and world markets. Phillip Henwood of 4 Eyes Ltd commented: "Attending the trade fair was a fantastic opportunity to meet Chinese manufacturers operating in the European market and also to speak to some of the Chambers of Commerce for individual provinces. Talking to these businesses and to the Chambers enabled us to better understand some of the common VAT issues faced by Chinese companies wishing to trade with the UK or European Union.  One of the most common problems is how to reduce the cost of attending European trade fairs or carrying out marketing activities in Europe.".
In addition to the business element, members of the group were able to explore Hong Kong and Hanoi and enjoyed a luxurious two day cruise through Vietnam's Ha Long Bay.

Included in the delegation were the following UKPCCI and LSCC members:

Mr Mohammad Adil of Adil Group of Companies

Mr Akhtar Hussain of Money Planners Ltd

Mr & Mrs Ikram Khan of Mediworld

Mr Khawaja Younis of the Boltons Hotel

Ms Pamela Blackwell of Wessex House

Mr Philip Henwood & Mr Chris Isaacs of 4 Eyes Ltd - Tax Solutions

Mr Gerry MacDonagh of LSCC

Mr Enley Taylor of Elm Park Nursery Group

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