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International Member Exclusive Marketing Agency has tailor-made marketing solutions both in the Vietnamese market and internationally. With over 15 years’ experience we are able to offer a wide range of services to both local and international clients. Our aim is to sign an exclusive Marketing contract with you which will allow us to promote your product on your behalf. We can use our extensive network to promote your products as well as setting up a personalized, dedicated team to ensure you find the right business partners. This can be either in a specific country, a number of countries, or an entire continent.

Once we find these partnerships we will connect you with the client details, then all contracts and transactions will be between both parties, allowing complete transparency during the business deals. Currently, we have signed exclusive marketing contracts, meaning we do all the ground work in the S.E. Asian region, to promote and sell products from Eurostar bottling and packaging solutions, Chimera Sparkling Wine, and Eticap labeling systems in 8 countries in the South East Asian region. These countries include Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. 2) Exclusive Marketing Agency is opening a new division in association with an established partner which will provide: a) Contract manufacturing b) Strategic Sourcing c) Sales and distribution d) Doing business in Vietnam a) Contract manufacturing 1. We will build a factory according to your specs, including importing your designated equipment. 2. We will hire and train qualified employees for bringing your quality products to market. 3. We will handle personnel management, production, and logistics (MPM) according to your requirements. 4. We will invest up to 100% in building and running your fully-insured factory in Vietnam. You may supervise all the production activities remotely, via IP-based video security surveillance. 5. You will guarantee our production process with a Bank Guarantee (LCs) (-keep your money in your bank-) and allocate us a negotiated margin for the finished products. 6. You will assign inspectors for Quality Control, prior to shipment to your designated distribution channels. 7. You will reimburse our costs according to our mutually agreed contractual agreement for the finished products. 8. The finished goods belong to you. You handle the distribution and sale. We are just your local contract manufacturer. b) Strategic sourcing EXMAgency’s in-depth Vietnam sourcing and custom manufacturing experience delivers world class overseas production with full service custom-manufactured, labor-intensive products at competitive production costs. We are your trusted partner in sourcing and outsource manufacturing in Vietnam. We strive to make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they need when it comes to delivering the right product. We firmly believe that we can provide the solutions that you need. We are committed to a high level of excellence. c) Sales and distribution Foreign enterprises currently do not have full trading and distribution rights in Southeast Asia, although licenses have occasionally been granted on a case-by-case basis. In association with the largest distribution network in SE Asia (over 50,000 Point of Sales) we will assist you overcome business barriers, time and expenses. We can import and distribute your products to the 120 million consumers in the region. d) Doing business in Vietnam Starting a business in a new country is stepping into a minefield. EXMAgency helps international businesses get set up with speed, safety, efficiency and confidence when entering the Southeast Asian markets. Our business executives are expats, living and doing business in Vietnam since 1990. We can provide you with a single point of contact to coordinate the activities of your outsourced operations, and to ensure transparent communication between your company and Vietnam’s private and public entities. Our services can help companies of all sizes with business licenses and offices, HR and payroll, sales training and localization services, accounting and tax, negotiations with suppliers and transport logistics to streamline your operations in different Vietnam's geographic locations.

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