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Stickier Marketing - What Every Business Needs to Know Right Now

Many marketers will tell you it is business as normal. That is, platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter present new opportunities to go to market. Just as companies used direct mail and trade magazines to promote themselves, they can now, if they wish, use new online tools. These marketers are WRONG.

With the creation of the World Wide Web, and the subsequent development of digital and mobile technology, we are now living through a communication revolution. We are a generation witnessing some of the biggest changes in society since the Industrial Revolution. Businesses have to react or they are at risk of being left behind. It is not business as normal. Rather, we are at the dawn of a brand new era. It is therefore vital for all businesses to stay abreast of continuing developments.

This session will provide the latest cutting edge thinking around Sales and Marketing. It examines the trends and developments that are currently taking place and ties them into the strategic direction which companies need to take. In so doing, it will invigorate attendees with fresh ideas and approaches that can be used in their own company.

This event, which includes buffet with wine and soft drinks, is free of charge to members and their guests.

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