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An Evening with Magic 105.4

This was a very interesting evening because Magic 105.4, one of London's most listened to radio stations, provided an insight into commercial radio and how the power of sound could be used to make a business more successful.

Throughout the evening, complimentary refreshments were provided whilst we enjoyed the following presentations.

An Introduction to Commercial Radio

Here we found out more about the commercial radio marketplace in London and discovered how radio was programmed with Magic's Programming Director, Pete Simmons.


The Power of Sound

Head of Creative, Sam Crowther, demonstrated how sound affects us both consciously and subliminally and how its stengths can be utilised to enhance the impact and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


How Could Radio Work for Me?

Magic Account Manager, Rachel Glean, presented examples of how radio has worked in the past and how it could work to help strengthen a brand.

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