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Friday, April 6, 2018

Preferential Terms and Zero Transaction Fees for LSCC Members

Take advantage of our offer and we can help your business succeed globally.

How Does Afex Make a Difference?

You can improve your terms of trade and increase your company's competitive advantage by invoicing or pricing your goods in the local currency of your potential buyer or new market

  • Your buyer will have the ease of making a local payment for your credit to the Afex client account in their own country. There will be zero transfer cost to them to make a local transaction and you will see same day receipt of funds. The alternative of using your UK based account for these kind of incoming international payments impose unnecessary fees on buyer and a 2-3 day processing time.
  • Afex does not charge fees to our own clients to receive foreign currency wires to any of our client accounts in the 12 countries we provide these types of facilities
  • By partnering with Afex and managing the FX exposure as the exporter, you can utilise a fixed rate facility (forward contract) to provide certainty to the GBP amount yielded from your international trade
  • Our banking partners are Deutsche Bank and Bank of America giving you access to the most competitive pricing in the market
  • We operate in 12 countries offering over 75 currencies
  • Dedicated dealer in our London office
  • Online trading platform with multi-currency account functionality and file upload to streamline large payment runs
  • Risk management tools - Spot, forward contracts and options hedging products
  • Expert market guidance and forecasting - ensuring transactions take place at the right time, not just the right price.

    If you are interested in using Afex's services, please email Rebecca Cole at
    Please note: To qualify for the preferentail terms and zero commission, proof of LSCC membership will be required.
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