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Friday, April 6, 2018

4 Eyes Ltd Supports UK-China Exports

UK companies considering exporting to China must prepare to face certain logistical and customs barriers:

-Trade Investigations (Antidumping and Countervailing Duties): China has its own regime, operating under international rules, which is intended to guard against unfair competition in the domestic from cheaper non-Chinese products. Trade investigations is an area that bears watching especially if the exporter is in e.g. chemicals sector. There are current antidumping/countervailing measures in place for UK products exported to CN) for:

-XRay Scanners, Optical Fibre, Fasteners, Potato Starch, Chloropene Rubber, Caprolactum, Polyamide 6 (PA6), Adipdic Acid, Benzofuranol, Chloroform, Methylen Chloride and Photographic Paper (provisional duties);

-Potato Starch measure is currently under review;

-New investigations have recently (late 2011) been initiated by China on: High Performance Steel Tubes and Ethylene Ether produced in the EU (including UK);

-Technology transfer issues-Under international, EU and national rules, software and technology is restricted, prohibited or subject to export license requirements (e.g. military equipment, nuclear-chemical-biological weapons and technologies, high tech goods and technologies). Certain countries and specific individuals or institutions may be prohibited from receiving some or all of such goods and technologies. Companies in technology, chemicals and defence sectors especially, need to be fully up to speed on export license issues and most particularly if the ultimate parent is non-UK. UK companies considering exporting to China may consider:

-US export controls (for subsidiaries of US companies)

-Denied parties screening (for US and other)

-EU export license requirements including restrictions on the export of e.g. drugs and precursos chemicals

-Trade Barriers and import requirements in China: The procedures and processes for importing goods into China can be complicated and difficult to understand for non-Chinese companies. These may also be specific regulations and requirements for particular types of goods such as foodstuffs.

-Exporting issues from the EU: Efficient use of customs regimes is crucial in order for UK exporters to avoid logistics bottlenecks and drive down costs. Companies outsourcing manufacturing to CN (export/re-import) will want to maximise efficiencies and reduce customs costs while maintaining maximum throughput flows. For example, exporters may be able to use Inward Processing for non-EU materials used in producing the exported goods, Outward Processing if goods are exported for process and return to the EU, and Processing under Customs Control.

-Basic Customs Comp;iance: UK exporters need to be sure that the customs value and tariff classification is correct at the point of export and to assist the Chinese importer in declaring the correct value, classification and country of origin (according to the Chinese rules) on import into China. If the export relates directly or indirectly to product which will be imported into the EU this may have additional implications.

4 Eyes Ltd is a leading UK procider of Customs, Excise and VAT services. We specialise in facilitating the operations of international companies and in the provision of expert indirect tax services. 4 Eyes Ltd has provided advice and assistance to both Chinese companies and companies exporting to china over many years. Our international network of trusted associates can assist UK exporters targeting the Chinese market.

4 Eyes Ltd is proud to support UK exporters and we will be attending "Focus on China" hosted by South London Business at Croydon Park Hotel on 28 February 2012.

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