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  • Date: 30.04.2018

    Thank You

    Thank you for re-opting in. > More info

  • Date: 06.03.2018

    Michael English Joins LSCC as a Director

    We are pleased to welcome Michael English to our Board of Directors. Mike's negotiation skills, decades of industry experience plus an in-depth knowledge of the Balkans will be an asset to LSCC's commitment in fostering and championing our relationships with the Balkan countries.  > More info

  • Date: 29.09.2017

    Meet the Buyer Event

    After the success of last year’s event, South London Procurement Network, in conjunction with Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd, are delighted to invite you to their annual informal Meet the Buyer taking place on October 24th 2017 (9:00am-12.30pm). > More info

  • Date: 28.09.2017

    Seavus Joins LSCC

    What drives our spirit is innovation – creating the next generation solutions that take the business world beyond success. We are focused on thinking further than what is expected, and this is why we are always proposing fresh solutions to the existing challenges. We started our story back in 1999 with a few people and an idea. Today we are a multinational company that continuously delights the customers with services and products in an agile and business-value-first approach. With a strong belief of the capacity of our people, we are more than sure that the synergy of their creativity and expertise can make us the ultimate world class role model of a software development company. Every project that we started, created new opportunities for our people to reach even greater goals and knowledge. We help over 3,500 customers worldwide to efficiently achieve their goals. Some of them are walking the road to success with us for over 18 years. > More info

  • Date: 26.09.2017

    Graniti Furniture Joins LSCC

    Graniti, a well established, family run furniture producers based in Kosovo is the first company in Kosovo to join London Southside Chamber of Commerce. The company is looking for distribution agreements to expand its sales abroad and is also interested in manufacturing or outsourcing agreements with foreign furniture producers needing production resources. > More info

  • Date: 06.09.2017

    The Outcome of Our Successful Trade Mission to Macedonia

    We are delighted to announce that during our trade mission, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between London Southside Chamber of Commerce and The Economic Chamber of Macedonia. > More info

  • Date: 06.09.2017

    The Outcome of Our Successful Trade Mission to Kosovo

    We are close to agreeing a Partnership Agreement with the Kosovan Chamber of Commerce. The signing event for the Memorandum of Understanding will take place at the Kosovan Embassy in London and representatives of the Kosovan Chamber will be in attendance. Invitations to this prestigious event will be sent out to all our members in due course. > More info

  • Date: 06.09.2017

    Trade Mission to Macedonia and Kosovo

    Macedonia is a Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture. It is a small multi-ethnic country with a population of just over two million and is very much open to foreign visitors and businesses. It has free trade agreements with the EU, receives around 100 million euros in EU project funding per year and is a rapidly developing market that can provide opportunities in a wide range of sectors for UK companies looking to do business abroad. Kosovo serves as an important link in the connection between central and South Europe, the Adriatic Sea, and Black Sea. It remains one of Europe's poorest countries but the economy has grown every year since independence in 2008. > More info

  • Date: 05.09.2017

    Chateau Kamnik

    Chateau Kamnik is an award winning winery in Macedonia. They are offering our members a wine tasting experience. > More info

  • Date: 29.10.2016

    AUTUMN 2016 NEWSLETTER Issue 5

    HELLO Our newsletter has been going for a year now and thank you very much to everyone who has given us feedback which has been very positive in both the look of the digital publication to the usefulness of the content. I intend to try and visit all members over the next few months so I can gauge the mood and understand our members' needs and challenges ahead, especially at a time when the economy is threatening to be fragile and volatile. We also want to champion our members' businesses so please make sure your company profiles are on our online directory. If you do not have time to enter your profiles or keep them up-to-date then please let me know as we will be able to help you. Gerry MacDonagh
 Executive Director of LSCC > More info

  • Date: 12.10.2016

    The Viking Gallery

    Situated in Margate’s up and coming Arts and Retro quarter, The Viking Gallery has played host to exhibitions featuring international, national and local artists. The contemporary gallery space extends over two floors and the flexible space can also be hired for educational events, talks, workshops, classes as well as corporate events and launches, rehearsal space and pop up restaurant. > More info

  • Date: 12.10.2016

    NDV - Making Your Business Life Easier

    London based New Dawn Ventures (NDV) is a dynamic company that provides bespoke executive Personal Assistant (PA), admin and bookkeeping services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and professional individuals. Their aim is to make your business life easier. They take care of all those time-consuming, routine, administrative duties and processes that come with owning and running a company so owners and managers can focus on the actual business itself. > More info

  • Date: 03.08.2016

    Post Brexit Vote Advice on Trade

    Bryan Treherne from The Soith London Export Club gives our members some post Brexit referendum advice. > More info

  • Date: 02.08.2016

    Post Brexit Vote- Suggestions for Covering Foreign Exchange

    Since the EU referendum, so much has already happened and many new questions about the future of Britain have been raised. It will be sometime before the full implications of Brexit are known and when we will see exactly what a post-Brexit UK will look like but the days since the referendum have provided a glimpse of what is in store while that picture takes shape. While the new Prime Minister Theresa May and her Cabinet in Westminster work a Brexit strategy and then implement it the UK faces a protracted period of uncertainty that presents businesses with both opportunities and challenges. Trevor Charsley, a senior FX advisor from Afex gives us some suggestions on covering foreign exchange post Brexit vote. > More info

  • Date: 16.05.2016

    The EU Referendum - Have you decided yet?

    If you missed our Business Club meeting on 12th May, don't worry. The presentation given by Trevor Charsley, senior analyst at AFEX has been posted here for you to read. > More info

  • Date: 12.04.2016

    Designed to Make A Difference

    LSCC member Nick Ovenden is the talent behind the design consultancy Nomo Creative. In his own words, he explains one of his recently completed projects for London based photographer David Oliver where he designed to make a difference. > More info

  • Date: 12.04.2016

    Morley College Course Vouchers

    Morley College in Lambeth have over 700 courses starting in April and May 2016 and they are offering LSCC members discount vouchers that can be redeemed against professional and personal development courses for themselves and their staff. Please email to request a copy of your course guide and vouchers. > More info

  • Date: 11.04.2016

    Preferential Terms and Zero Transaction Fees for LSCC Members

    Afex can assist in enhancing your commercial attractiveness to potential overseas trading partners through providing local foreign currency account facilities in the region you are targeting to export your good or services. What's more, Afex is pleased to offer preferential terms and a zero transaction fees to members of the Chamber. If you are interested in using Afex's services, please email Rebecca Cole at > More info

  • Date: 11.04.2016

    The National Living Wage

    The much trumpeted National Living Wage comes into force in April. Are you ready? With a jump in minimum wages (for those aged 25 and over) to £7.20, it is going to have a big impact on many organisations. Andrew Charnock, Director of the HR Dept advices on what businesses need to consider with regards to this new pay reform. > More info

  • Date: 11.04.2016

    Free Ticket to Gala Night for Diary of A Hounslow Girl

    Ovalhouse Theatre have one complimentary ticket available to an LSCC member for their Gala Night on 5th May to celebrate the success and launch of a UK national tour of their production Diary of A Hounslow Girl. If you would like to be considered for the free ticket then please click here. The show is also on 4th and 6th of May (£12, £7 concessions) and can be booked online using this link: > More info

  • Date: 11.04.2016

    AFEX launches a multi-currency prepaid MasterCard

    AFEX, one of the world’s largest non-bank providers of global payment and risk management solutions, has launched the AFEX CurrencyPass Prepaid MasterCard that combines a multi-currency prepaid MasterCard with an online platform to manage corporate expenditure. > More info

  • Date: 11.04.2016

    Using AFEX CurrencyPass to Manage Staff Travel and Expenditure

    Regardless of whether you are a small, medium enterprise or a global business, Heather Ribbans, AFEX's Head of Prepaid Cards, EMEA explains and gives essential tips on how AFEX CurrencyPass can be used to take greater control and improve efficiency on staff travel expenses and expenditure. > More info

  • Date: 02.02.2016

    Interchange Fees are Capped by EU Commission

    On 9th December 2015, the EU Commission made the important decision of capping the interchange rates at 0.30% and 0.20% for credit and debit card transactions respectively when processing a card payment made by your customer to you. Interchange rates are the costs paid by the acquirers/processors to the card issuers and are set by Visa/MasterCard. > More info

  • Date: 01.02.2016

    Striving To Make LSCC Better Than Ever

    Introduction In October 2015, a membership survey was emailed out to all of our members asking for your opinion on how LSCC was doing. As a result of the findings, LSCC is working to improve its services in the following ways: 1. Offer more opportunities for members to sell products and services eg Business Club meetings and luncheons; 2. Run Induction Evenings for new members to introduce them to other members and the resources available; 3. Publish a digital Newsletter to enable members to keep up-to-date with business news and to learn more about each other; 4. Strive to keep things fresh and continually add value; 5. Introduce an exclusive ‘members only’ scheme for discounts and by invitation only events. > More info

  • Date: 29.01.2016

    Members Only Exclusive Offers

    Here is our full list of offers and discounts open to LSCC members. We will be updating and sending this list every three months to our Newsletter subscribers. If you would like to contribute or take up an offer but you are not a member, then please contact Gerry using or call 07958 584479. > More info

  • Date: 28.01.2016

    Lock & Leave Battersea Swim with the Sharks for Charity

    What is more nerve racking than a 10,000 feet parachute jump? Lock & leave Battersea decided that a swim with some sharks might be the challenge they were looking for. They did this and raised a handsome sum for Prostate Cancer UK. > More info

  • Date: 09.10.2015

    Pierce Brosnan becomes Patron for Ovalhouse theatre

    Our member and Charity of the Year, Ovalhouse, has announced Pierce Brosnan as their Patron. > More info

  • Date: 23.09.2015

    Ovalhouse and its planned move to Brixton

    In March 2017, Ovalhouse is planning to move to its new home in Brixton as part of the Somerleyton Road project. Transferring there will make the Ovalhouse even more accessible to those wishing to use their services. The new site will be part of a community partnership set up by the London Borough of Lambeth to provide new homes, community and health facilities, social enterprises and a new modern theatre that will house the Ovalhouse. > More info

  • Date: 21.03.2014

    Budget 2104 Trade Mission and Inward Investment

    London Southside Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) welcomes the emphasis on Export and Inward Investment placed by the Government in this week's budget. We are particularly pleased to see its stated intention to ensure that UK businesses are able to take full advantage of new global opportunities by offering the best export finance in Europe - doubling the UK's direct lending programme to £3 billion, cutting the interest rates and reducing the cost of long-distance flights for exporters and visitors to the UK by abolishing two tax bands. > More info

  • Date: 20.03.2014

    Budget 2014

    As you all know, the UK Chancellor, George Osbourne gave his budget speech in the House of Commons speech on 19th March 2014 and we thought it might be useful for you to have access to the official budget document and so we have provided you with a link to the pdf. > More info

  • Date: 21.02.2013

    Member of London Southside Chamber of Commerce badge

    A new badge for all the members of London Southside Chamber of Commerce... > More info

  • Date: 29.01.2013

    Giuseppes Member's only Lunch Menu

    We are keen to encourage members to trade more with one another and to offer discounts to other members. To help with this, everyone will receive a membership card within the next fortnight. To start the ball rolling Giuseppe Rossi of Our Cellar is making the following offer to members. > More info

  • Date: 14.12.2012


    Following on from the success of our Trade Mission to Madrid in May this year, a small group of members are returning with us to that city from 13th to 15th December in order to further develop the business contacts made earlier in the year. The Chamber's programme of Trade Missions for next year will be announced shortly and is likely to include India, Georgia and one of the Scandinavian countries. > More info

  • Date: 28.09.2012

    Streatham Common 10k run

    Saturday 29th September, Streatham Common 6 Mile Charity Run Sponsored by Anthony Gold Solicitors and in support of MacMillan Cancer Support > More info

  • Date: 05.09.2012

    Local Beckenham businessman meets Lymphoma shock head-on

    > More info

  • Date: 06.07.2012

    LSCC's Marketing Assistant: Lama Issa

    > More info

  • Date: 05.03.2012

    4 Eyes Ltd Supports UK-China Exports

    UK companies considering exporting to China must prepare to face certain logistical and customs barriers. Therefore 4 Eyes Ltd is giving some useful advice related to the export in China. > More info

  • Date: 20.01.2012

    Getting Paid Promptly Business Breakfast

    London Southside Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all members who attended the extremely interesting and helpful presentation given by Clare Kelly on 11th January. > More info

  • Date: 19.12.2011

    Business Breakfast "Getting Paid Promptly"

    London Southside Chamber of Commerce is organising a Business Breakfast on Wednesday 11 January 2012 "Getting Paid Promptly" at the offices of Anthony Gold Solicitors at 8.30am to 9.30pm. > More info

  • Date: 11.12.2011

    LCC Christmas Dinner

    London Southside Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Christmas Dinner on 8th December 2011, which was attended by many members. It was a wonderful evening with great food and wine. London Southside Camber of Commerce asked its members to give some feedback about the event. Here are their responses: "This was our first Southside Chamber of Commerce Christmas meal event and it certainly won't be the last! The venue was cosy and intimate with a very jolly atmosphere." > More info

  • Date: 01.12.2011

    LCC member has been awared by Wandsworth Council

    Pamela Price, who runs the Wessex House nightclub in Clapham Junction and has been a member of London Southside Chamber of Commerce for many years, is one of 6 people given Community Champion awards by Wandsworth Council for the help they gave members of the community during the summer riots. > More info

  • Date: 26.10.2011

    Southwark and Waterloo HR Dept opens for business

    A human resources expert has launched a new business offering practical employment advice and support to small and medium-sized businesses in Southwark, Waterloo and London Bridge. Andrew Charnock, who has over 25 years' experience in HR management, has opened The HR Dept based at the More London development near City Hall, to help businesses in the area to access the level of expertise and practical support usually reserved for large organisations with in-house HR professionals. > More info

  • Date: 24.10.2011

    Art Exhibition

    One of our members, Lilia Mazurkevych, who appears in the introductory pictures of our website, invited other London Southside Chamber of Commerce members to attend the launch of the art exhibition where she was exhibiting. Annual Open Exhibition Tuesday 8th November 2011 at 18.30 at > More info

  • Date: 15.10.2011

    Business Club Meeting January 2012

    The London Southside Chamber of Commerce's next Business Club Meeting will be held on 23rd January 2012 with the topic "New Agency Staffing Legislation". An excting and experienced speaker will attend. Details to be confirmed soon. > More info

  • Date: 15.10.2011

    Business Breakfast 2012

    London Southside Chamber of Commerce is organising a Business Breakfast which will be held on 11 January 2012 with the title "Getting Paid". > More info

  • Date: 14.08.2011

    September Business Lunch

    London Southside Chamber of Commerce invited local business peopleu to a Business Lunch at Marriott Hotel County Hall on 9 September 2011 at 12:15 for 12:30. > More info

  • Date: 11.08.2011

    Streatham Common Cross Country Run: Saturday 17 September 2011 2011 at 11 am

    On Saturday 17 September 2011, Anthony Gold sponsored an event organised by the Herne Hill Harriers Runners Club. This event came to Anthony Gold's attention through collaboration between members of London South Side. > More info

  • Date: 11.02.2011

    New corporate identity and name for London Southside Chamber of Commerce

    Southside Chamber of Commerce has updated its image with a new logo and trading name. > More info

  • Date: 03.02.2011

    Welcome to our latest members

    > More info

  • Date: 26.01.2011

    LSCC launches new website

    > More info

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